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Trez and Tydus was created in 2015, shortly after recieving Tydus, our Alaskan Malamute who was a mere 8 weeks at the time. As time progressed, we received numerous compliments on the beauty and magnificence of our dog, with many saying ”he is the most beautiful dog in the world”. We then decided to show him to the world through social media. Our following quickly expanded and grew across the globe. We have been feautured on numerous social media pages such as 9gag, The Dodo and Unilad across various social media platforms. Our page displays the daily life of Tydus and our African Grey Congo, Trez, Creating a blog type feel to it through the lens of our animals. This method has proven to be successful as many people have come to know the attititude and personality of both Trez and Tydus. We believe this aspect is what makes our page so special and engaging. We also promote good and healthy animal care in a very informative manner. Today, our influence and followers continue to expand to new horizons



Tydus is a 4 year old Alaskan Malamute who is quite the character. He is often a giant goofy teddy bear around family but more mature around strangers. Tydus has a "Wooly Coat" which is not very common amongst malamutes. This coat supplemented with his unique colour adds to his magnificence. Many say he resembles a lion. He certainly has the bravery and courage to go along with it and being from South Africa, he might just be one! Since a puppy, he has always been independent and slightly naughty but being a malamute, we would we worried if he wasn't. His coat requires a lot of care as it matts if left unattended for too long. He has a large stature complimented with a big chest which is often overwhelming for people, not to mention all that fur makes him look bigger!

Tydus with his favourite teddy, Mickey.


Trez in his favourite spot - the kitchen.


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Trez is a mischevious African Grey parrot who's only goal is to take over the world! He is highly intellegent, often telling Tydus to "stop it" and occasionally complimenting him with a "Good Boy Tydus". He is fearless and will take on anything that comes his way, including Tydus. Get on his good side and consider yourself lucky, get on his bad side and you're in for a nightmare!

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